View Full Version : Satellite X205-s9349 does not read the xD picture card

18.11.2008, 15:04
Problem is that in description of my Satellite X205-s9349 is written that it supports xD picture card but when I insert olympus 2GB xD picture card in card reader - nothing happens !

Can anyone help to solve this problem ?

18.11.2008, 16:07
Does the notebook recognize other inserted cards?
If not, then I would recommend to update/reinstall the card reader driver.

18.11.2008, 18:02
It recognise SD cards , micro SD , but doesn't Olympus xD picture card

18.11.2008, 19:22
Have you tested it with card from other manufacturer?
It will be interesting to know if this issue is specific for Olympus xD picture card.

Sorry but I don't believe there is some kind of “universal” solution to this.
If you have US notebook model try to ask for help on US forum under http://community.compuserve.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?webtag=ws-laptop&redirCnt=1

19.11.2008, 09:18
i only have 4 SD cards , 2 micro sd and 1 xD picture.
micro SD is inserted with SD adapter .
i didn't test other xD picture cards , at least did not yet , cause dont have em now.
laptop is from us .
in desription is said that xD picture cards are supported .

19.11.2008, 14:48

xD picture card is supported. I found this info in user manual on the Toshiba US page.
Maybe you should format this card firstly and should try to reinstall the card reader.

Check this!