View Full Version : Cannot enable WLAN card on Satellite L10-202

12.11.2008, 11:16

I have a Satellite L10 notebook that comes without WLAN.
I bought and installed a Intel pro wireless 2200BG card on MiniPCi slot. I also installed and connected the mini-antennas.

The device is enabled but is not connecting. I installed ConfigFree and the result was: ' Wireless Communication Switch Status: OFF. Switch is located where the arrow is pointing. ' My laptop does not have that button, a plastic cap is there.

The FN+F8 combination also does nothing.
How can I solve this problem?
How can I set it ON without having that button?

Thank You.

16.11.2008, 11:59
Hello Lucy

I have tried to find the hardware configuration for your Satellite L10 Ė 202 (PSL10E) and now I am complete confused now. I didnít find info that this notebook model is WLAN upgradable and I cannot understand that WLAN antenna is there.

Anyway, is WLAN antenna recognized properly in device manager?

17.11.2008, 12:36
So, this notebook came without Wlan card and without mini antennas installed in display.
In the back, the notebook has a cover and there is a mini-pci port. I installed there a Wlan card and i connected a pair of antennas (main, aux).
After restart Windows has detected the new device and installed it (with proper drivers, wich i provided).Everything looks OK, but when I search for Wireless network it finds nothing.
The Toshiba ConfigFree Utility, warned me that I can't find any network because the wireless network switch(button) is set on OFF position and I should set it ON.
This notebook modell does not have the wireless network button on the front panel.
I want to override that button and make the wlan to work.

I also have a external Wlan that i can connect on USB(TP-Link). This one works.
*I observed a curious fact:* if I connect the usb wlan when the Intel internal Wlan is enabled, the ConfigFree utility tells me that the wireless communication is *on* and the internal wlan (Intel pro 2200BG) card starts working

The ideea is that I get rid off the usb wlan and use only the fresh installed internall wlan card.

17.11.2008, 13:17

I doubt this is possible.
I checked the Satellite L10-202 properties and the WLan is not available.
This means that the WLan antenna is not available too and therefore the notebook was not equipped with the essential WLan switch.

You could check if you can find an ON/OFF option in device manager -> WLan card properties -> advanced tab.
Maybe this could be helpful but I presume you will not work due to the missing WLan switch.

So, it seem you have to use the external USB WLan stick