View Full Version : Satellite U400-12p - cmos setup asking for password

08.11.2008, 12:42

i just bought my Satellite U400-12p 2 weeks ago.
I checked my cmos setup but its asking for password.

Itís the first time I opened the CMOS settings..
Anyone knew what is the password given by the manufacturer?
I tried phoenix as a password but its not accepted.

Thank you guys in advance

08.11.2008, 13:38
Do you mean the BIOS password?
Well, itís really strange because the BIOS password is not set.
It should be clear!

I donít know what happened with you notebook but if the BIOS password is set and you donít know this password then you will be not able to clear it!!

Only the ASP (authorized service partner) can remove such password.
So if the password is unknown -> go to ASP

This is everything what you can do!