View Full Version : Satellite Pro L300D Loses Wi-Fi connection randomly then can never find it

james 1234
06.11.2008, 19:26

My Satellite Pro L300D loses it's wifi connection at random times and then I have to switch the BT Network box off for the L300D to connect again. All along this, my other Toshiba Laptop works fine on the network, as does my PC, so the Network is fine.

This is incredibly frustrating as I have a new child and am getting NO SLEEP - I just need the blasted L300D to work!

Any help would be good and would save me losing any more hair.



06.11.2008, 23:43
one of two: or the Ruter have electric problems, but you says than another Computer is working properly, so, this must be a physical problem of the Wireless device of your problematic Computer, if the wireless connection is drop constantly you must check this problem with a Service Provider.

If you don't know where you can find one, visit this webpage to locate your nearest Serv. Prov.


I Hope This Help.