View Full Version : Tecra T8000 Upgrade

01.05.2005, 20:37
just aquired a T8000. I would like to try and play DVD videos on it. Most DVD software requires a minimum 350mhz CPU and my model only has a 300mhz. I have noticed on ebay that some T8000 laptops with 366/400mhz CPU's are being sold for parts and would maybe like to purchase one if the extra power would help. Am I going to get a half decent picture with the onboard graphic adapter or is DVD video playback on this laptop not worth persuing. Any feedback most welcome. Thanks

02.05.2005, 10:31

as far as I know it is not possible to upgrade the CPU in Toshiba models! Normally you open the cover, put the old proc. out and the new one in, but I would disadvice you because you can damage the cover, board or the processor itself!

You can call a Service Partner and hear what they say about such an operation! Perhaps they have experience with that!


02.05.2005, 15:52
Thanks for that reply Pelox. I should have added that I would have been looking to use the motherboard from the other unit also as I did pick up on an earlier post on the forum that upgrading just the CPU was not an option.