View Full Version : New WLAN card on Satellite Pro 6100 installed but cannot be activated

29.10.2008, 05:51
Hi, just replaced the internal Wireless LAN card on my Satellite Pro 6100 notebook. Past and present card have the same problem: I can't switch them on. They are installed properly and supposed to work in terms of XP drivers, but wireless won't detect andy network saying it is "not activated".

I've tried BIOS upgraded to latest version
I've reinstalled latest drivers
Toshiba Network Device Switch does only see the Intel Pro/100 VE wired LAN card, but not the Intel Pro/Wireless 2200BG card.
Direct activation of the Wireles does not produce a connection says deactivate, activate, attempted to connect, but it fails, as if it could not see the network.

Both Past and present wireless card fail to see any network.


03.11.2008, 22:56
Hello Martin

This notebook model is pretty old and at this time 2200 card was not on the market. I can imagine there is some compatibility problem.

In my opinion for those older notebook models the best solution is usage of faster but external solution as PCMCIA or USB WLAN card. Using such cards you will not have compatibility problems.
What you think about that?