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28.10.2008, 00:55

I had bought the Satellite Pro L40 about 6 months ago and the speed of the laptop was too slow with windows Vista. So I decided to install an old copy of windows XP that I had bought earlier. I upgraded the windows installation to SP3 before installing all the drivers.

Now all the drivers have been installed properly except the sound driver. I downloaded the XP version of the driver from the toshiba website but it did not work. So I though maybe the vista version would work, so I downloaded that. But that didn't work either.

Can anyone suggest a solution where I can get the sound driver to work? Preferably without having to get the windows reinstalled again.

Please help me out...!


28.10.2008, 07:19
hi there,

Try reinstalling the soundcard driver for XP; Just go here -- > [Realtek Soundcard Driver fo XP|http://support1.toshiba-tro.de/tedd-files2/0/sound-20071120150900.zip]

Hope this helps :)

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