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30.04.2005, 11:23
I've read the same topics on this forum but didn't find an answer.
I've installed wifi adapter(intel 2200BG) to my A30 everything seams OK but it says hardware switch off the switch is on but the green light stays off and the wireless doesn't work.

I've found a hint to cover 11 and 13 pins,made everything following the instruction, but nothing happend. It still doesn't work.

Any hints?

02.05.2005, 16:06

I think the best way to solve the Wifi card problem is t contact a Service Partner by phone!
Perhaps they can tell you what you have done false!

I searched at Toshiba Knowledge Base but I found nothing about building in a Wifi card!


02.05.2005, 16:17

I had the same problem at our company when I wanted to install a Wifi card!!
I called the tosh hotline and the hotline guy told me that I have to attach the ends of wireless LAN connector cables. The white aerial cable should be attached to top-most connector (nearer the back side of the computer), the black aerial cable to the bottom-most connector.

After that procedureit works! Also you have to install the Wifi tools from https://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com at the driver downlo section!

Bye Bob

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