View Full Version : Satellite Pro L360-14E - Cannot play videos on external monitor

25.10.2008, 15:26
Toshiba Satellite Pro L360-14E
Video files as avi, flv, mp4 are played with SM-player etc. on the screen of the notebook, but not on the attached external monitor.
In a log there is the error message: MPlayer crashed by bath usage OF CPU/FPU/RAM.

What can mean that?

25.10.2008, 21:04
Did you switch already to the external monitor using the FN+F5 buttons?
Do this.

Furthermore you have to switch firstly to external screen and then you have to start the windows media player or other video player.

I would recommend using the VLC player. Itís fro free and plays most files

26.10.2008, 10:00
I switch with Ctrl+Alt + F3 or F1

I have tryd also this player

26.10.2008, 10:02
I switch with Ctrl+Alt + F1 or F3
because I use an externe keyboard without FN

I have tryd also this player