View Full Version : Satellite Pro L300-152 Driver Update problems.

24.10.2008, 02:01
Hi there, I'm new to all this and just about managed to find my way to this website. I bought a Satellite as above brand new from PC World Business yesterday 22/10/08.
I had horrendous problems installing multiple Windows Updates which I eventually had to install one by one with a re-boot after each 'Important' update.

I registered the laptop with Toshiba and now I am using Tempro I have 5 alerts telling me to install various updates ......

_3 Firmware updates and 1 Face recognition update._ I have extracted the Zip files and run the progs and get a message saying 'This firmware is not compatible with the selected drive. Contact your system manufacturer for information on formware updates available for this drive'.

1 Bios update which eventually ran with the help of Windows and then gave the message 'ROM date is not older than BIOS date .....' whatever that means.

I just bought a laptop, I didn't volunteer to become a technical wizz.
It feels like I'm doing Toshiba's job troubleshooting here, and I have no idea what I'm doing. Can anyone help me?
Thanks, Glennis

24.10.2008, 09:35
Hi buddy

To be honest I don’t understand why you react so panicly…

You received a notebook which has a preinstalled Vista OS.
The point is that this Vista OS was preinstalled several days/weeks ago on your notebook and since then the Microsoft has published a lot of updates and therefore Vista downloaded and installed the updates. But don’t wonder about further updates. From time to time to you will receive such hotfixes!!! This is a common OS behavior.

Regarding the Tempro tool;
This tool informs you about new available drivers, tools or utilities on the Toshiba page.
To be honest I wouldn’t use it. Usually it’s really not important what and when a driver a tool was released if your notebook is running trouble free. I follow always this recommendation; never change the running system.

Hope I could clarify this.