View Full Version : Wireless acting weird - AR5008x

23.10.2008, 18:14
Laptop model: P305D-
Wireless device: AR5008x
Wireless Driver version 7.2
OS: Vista Ultimate

Wireless Network: WPA-TKIP
SSID hidden

Every time I power it on, most of the time, it couldn't connect to my Wireless Network. I had to open Manage Network Connection window, disabled the Wireless Connection and re-enabled it. Wait for about 1 minute, then it got connected.

I tried newer version of AR5008x but that also couldn't help.

Of course, the hardware Wireless toggle button is always at ON position.

Please help, and thank you very much.


31.10.2008, 03:17
Perhaps its a Reception or Interference problem (for example, 2.4GHz wireless phones, fridges, other electrical devices)?

Does it connect faster when the laptop is closer to the Access Point?

Also check for a firmware update for your Access Point. There could be a compatibility problem.