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23.10.2008, 14:01
I recently done a fresh install of Windows XP Pro on my new HDD and a list of other devices have got yellow question marks on them. They are;

- Multimedia Audio Controller
- PCI Modem
- Video Controller
- Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

Does anyone know how i can get the drivers for these devices as i can not find any of them on the Toshiba downloads/support page

I have got a Satellite Pro L10.

I would appreciate the help as i do not even have sound on my laptop.

Thank you in advance

23.10.2008, 14:21

The Satellite Pro L10 notebook is an OLD series.
The drivers and tools were moved to the _ARCHIVE_ area on the Toshiba European driver page.
Would recommend checking this area for some XP drivers!


23.10.2008, 14:49
thanx but my model is not even listed n the archive

i hope its not that obsolete

if you have got any other suggestions please let me know

thanx again for your help

23.10.2008, 15:06
Sorry, I was wrong. The drivers are not in Archive but in Notebook area

*Notebook -> Satellite Pro -> Satellite Pro L series -> Satellite Pro L10 -> PSL15E -> Win XP*


23.10.2008, 16:34
its ol good

you are the champ
i finally got it working now

thanx a lot