View Full Version : Display Brightness Turns Down at Tecra 8100

29.04.2005, 08:05

I have bought a used Toshiba Tecra 8100 - after two month without problems the monitor suddenly turned down the
brightness - at the beginning the turn-down was only few, now it is quite often.

I tried already several things: first I thought it was because of the old battery ... but after buying a new one the problem was still there. Sometimes after freezing
several times by closing or just by pushing the freezing
button it works fine. Until now I cannot find a source of
the problem (also changed the power settings ... doesnt matter) ... therefore I am quite at the end of my nerves - besides this little, but highly critical problem I am still very satisfied with this fine computer.

Hope to find help in the forum.

Regards, Bjoern

01.05.2005, 14:53
I too am in the same situation, but I just wanted to clarify the problem. The machine boots up fine, but occasionally the backlight fails completely. This is quite sporadic although rebooting invariably fixes the problem (temporarily). Is this a software or a hardware issue?

Thanks, David

01.05.2005, 15:39
Just found this: