View Full Version : Satellite A100-998 - O2 Broadband router wireless issue

20.10.2008, 14:58
I have the above laptop. It connects fine to Netgear routers and others but will not connect wirelessly to an O2 router. I am using the correct WEP but after the network is acquired uing automatic DHCP and DNS assignment etc, I get limited or no connectivity message.

I have uninstalled the wireless network card, reinstalled, updated the driver (Intel 3945) and get no different response.

I know the the Default gateway, Subnet and DNS server data and have tried entering this as fixed information into the appropriate properties area for the wireless card, giving my laptop an apropriate IP to suit. I have also deleted all previously connected wireless networks. No change.

It is not a firewall issue as I have stopped the firewall, still no effective connection.

I can connect by LAN to the O2 router using this same fixed data, incidentally.

The data is:

Default gateway
IP address for the LAN (but any last number up to 254 should work as long as it isn't a duplicate of an existing one, which it isn't)

There is no MAC security operating and others in the same building have no trouble connecting wirelessly. If I look at the admin pages on the router, my laptop is shown as a device along with all others that are connected.

Interestingly enough, I also couldn't connect wirelessly with my EEE PC (Linux OS and Atheros wifi card). I get the message 'not enough working leases'. I never have any problems elsewhere, so I believe it is a router-side issue. Is Toshiba aware of this issue? If so, is there a fix, apart from changing the router, which I prefer not to do as it will disrupt others in the house and cost me money.

Thanks for any help.

20.10.2008, 17:07
Toshiba or any other notebook/desktop manufacturer has nothing to do with router you use for LAN or WLAN connection. If you are 100% sure the WLAN card on your Toshiba notebook works properly there is the end of the story.
For further support you must contact your local Internet provider.

20.10.2008, 18:43
I understand. My question was simply to ask whether Toshiba had a known issue. Since plenty of other laptops - at least six - can connect to this router, I believe there may be an issue with the laptop and this particular router. As I said, I expect that if I change the router it will be solved, but I also explained why I woud prefer not to do that.

So, is there a known issue with the O2 router and the laptop I have, Toshiba?

20.10.2008, 19:00
I understand what you mean but you must also understand that notebook manufacturers donít test own notebooks with all available additional hardware, software or communications devices available on the market.

They test functionality only. If the WLAN cards work it will not be tested with 10 different routers. So this question is not for Toshiba. Theoretically you can ask O2 support the same. What you think about it?

21.10.2008, 00:38
Have you updated the Firmware of the O2 Router?

21.10.2008, 14:47
No, I have not. Because the router is shared by many in a house, I do not wish to disrupt the others. This is what makes the situation more difficult and why I am trying to find a solution from the laptop side.

It is not that I am ignorant of alternatives but want to confirm whether there is an issue that others recognise and have solved from the laptop side. I guess not, so far, but I will keep my eyes open. I will probably update the router firmware after discussion with others in the house. This should be the easiest first step.

All comments much appreciated, regardless. :)