View Full Version : NUM LOCK button enables the LED on CAPS Lock button - Satellite X200

17.10.2008, 19:56

I've just a simple questions (maybe): I recognized, that pressing the NUM LOCK key causes the LED of that key to flash on, ok thats`s normal, but also the CAPS Lock key LED turns on weak.

Now, when I'm pressing the CAPS Lock the LED gets brighter.
Switching off NUM Lock turns off the LED, thats ok, the CAPS LOCK is still burning bright (because it was pressed as well).
Pressing CAPS LOCK again turns the LED off.

Funny thing is: Pressing the CAPS Lock forces the LED of it and the LED of the NUM LOCK to turn on.....

Any ideas or hints?

Greets Juml

23.10.2008, 22:19
Hallo Juml

I have read your posting 6 times now but I still donít understand your problem. I have Satellite P200 in front of me and try to check this but everything works well.

Please try to explain it again but please step by step. I want to understand what you want to say.

05.11.2008, 15:26
Okay, I will try it in a different way:

It is normal pressing the NUMLOCK button causes the small LED above to be highlighted/turned on.
It is normal pressing the CAPSLOCK button causes the small LED inside to be highlighted/turnes on.
But is it normal, that if you are pressing the NUMLOCK button, the small LED inside the CAPSLOCK button is highlighted/turned on as well?

06.11.2008, 14:41
Nop, that's definitely not normal. Does it happen always? It could be caused by a virus (I knew a virus that flashed your num,scroll and capslock leds like crazy). Easiest is if you reboot your PC and hold down F2 to enter the setup or BIOS, if you call it that way. With the absence of any drivers loaded, try pressing your numlock and capslock. Does the incorrect led still flash? If so, something is wrong with your PC. If not, it's a software problem related to windows. In that case try running antivirus scan (nod32 if possible) and in the worst case, reinstall your PC. As for what to do if it happens while you're in the setup utility, you should contact Toshiba tech support.

08.11.2008, 21:13
Nope, its not a virus, I`ve checked it with Nod, Antivir and Spybot/Ad.Aware. The failure still exists in Bios Mode and during work.. Seems to be strange, suddenly it appeared.... I think I will contact Toshiba Tec Support, thanks for your help!

Green Orchid
09.11.2008, 13:37
What BIOS version do you have? Maybe try BIOS update.

09.11.2008, 14:26
I don't think that's the issue. He said that the problem emerged without any previous problems. I dare say it's not bios' fault. Flashing bios is rather dangerous for a lot of people and if you don't know what you're doing you could brick your notebook completely. I suggest you try contacting the toshiba support before doing anything else.

14.11.2008, 16:32
Contacted Toshi service (fast reply, really): They told me to do a hardreset (power supply taken off, no battery, press on key for at least 10 secs, then set in baterry etc.). Normally the failure should be gone, but the guy told, that it is possible that it stays. Okay, it stayed, it seems to bea real hardware failure. I cannot flash the BIOS, because I am running XP Prof instead of Vista, and the new 2.5 BIOS is for Vista only. Seems that I have to take my Toshi to my dealer for repair.

18.11.2008, 11:22
Okay, Toshi is on its way to repair. Thanks guys for help!