View Full Version : Satellite U405-SP2803 switch on by it self

16.10.2008, 15:20

my laptop switch on like at 3:50 am, so i woke up n try to turn it off , but when i open the lip the screen was blank, i touch the touchpad (lol) n nothing happened also press a key nothing, everything was on but the screen .

So i decided to press the power button n it went of, ok then I woke up later on (8:00) n turn it on , ok everything goes like it should, i get the Toshiba screen , the windows loading screen then it changes to a screen windows is loading files n then a recovery screen start up recovery. It finishes the process but will never start always that screen.

so what happen to my computer is that normal there another post about auto switching but why my computer is damaged ???? : (

16.10.2008, 15:36
As already described in this thread

the U400 will not wake up if you would disable the “Wakeup from shutdown’ option in your Lan card properties in device manager.

This helped me too.