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12.10.2008, 22:52
I have a Satellite U400 which has been downgraded to XP Business.
The wireless networking seems to only work intermittently.
I can view several available netoworks and have selected the office Wireless Access Point to connect automatically. This is the only network I have listed to connect to.

The laptop often fails to connect to the access point, frequently attempting to connect to another unsecured wireless device in the vicinity.
If I manually select the office network and click "Connect", it asks for the wireless key (which I enter) and then it briefly connects, obtains an IP address via DHCP and then promptly disconnects about 10 seconds later.

If I repeat the re-connection attempts, sometimes I am able to keep the connection up for several hours but if I shut-down and reboot I have to go through the same procedure again. I've downloaded what I believe are the most up-to-date intel wireless drivers but I would welcome a pointer to the most recent ones.

I'm not using the ConfigFree setup, just the basic Windows Wireless setup (Zeroconf service)

This is driving me insane. Please help.


20.10.2008, 00:59
How many Reception Bars does it show when its connected?

Perhaps there is interference from another nearby device?

27.10.2008, 17:15
A colleague of mine has a very similar problem with a U400, although they are continuing with Vista. Connecting to a Wireless network works intermittently. The Wireless Access point is a Linksys WAG type device, and has also been replaced to ensure that this is not the cause of the problem.

As with all intermittent problems it is difficult to resolve as it has worked perfectly for me, although is not doing so now when at their house! Any comments / suggestions gratefully welcomed.

27.10.2008, 17:24

I found this thread and I would like to post my experience with the U400.
Yes, Iíve got a U400 and I installed Win XP Pro.
Iíve got a Intel WLan card and I have already updated the WLan driver to the latest state.

I found new drivers here:

I have to say that my WLan works trouble free! Iíve got the latest BIOS and I never noticed any problems.

I must also say that I donít use any additional WLan configuration tools but ONLY the Windows own options and its ok.
I disabled the Intel ProSet Utility in msconfig and it doesn't load at the begining.

I configured my OS and the notebook connects ONLY to my private Wireless network.
Of course if my private Wlan is not available it connects automatically to a non-secured WLan in my range.