View Full Version : Draft 11n connectivity - Equium L350D

10.10.2008, 17:50
The manual for the Equium L350D indicates that it is compatible with "LAN systems.....that comply with IEEE 802.11 wirelees LAN standard (RevisionA,B,G or draft N)."

I have tested the connection to a Belkin N1 router using both disabled encryption and WPA-PSK(AES) as recommended within the manual with no improvement in range.

Addditionally, the wireless driver is identified as Realtek RTL8187 wireless 802.11b/g 54mbps USB 2.0 network adapter with no mention of draft N.
The specification is not as specified within the manual.

14.10.2008, 20:08

Do you have an WLan card which is 802.11 N draft capable?
Please note that there are different notebooks with different hardware specifications and the user manual contains details and informationís about all Equium/Satellite L350D.
The WLan card 802.11g(RTL8187B) *does not* support the 802.11Draft-N