View Full Version : Tecra 8100 Selectbayproblem

27.04.2005, 15:00
Hello, does anyone know how the Tecra checks for closed Selectbay ? I did some maintanence on mine and since then it won't start, when I press the power button the "On"-Led goes on and so does the Selectbay-Led, in addition the numlock led flashes one or two times. The CPU-fan does not come on. Any ideas anyone ?

28.04.2005, 14:14

Can you please tell me is it possible to start OS or there is no reaction?

28.04.2005, 14:48
No the OS won't load, my Tecra manual says: Problem: Computer can not be turned on Solution: check if the Selectbaylock is locked and try again. But it is locked and in place (I think)

28.04.2005, 15:14
When you put select bay back in place there must be some short click noise and it must be locked properly. Please check it with selectable bay lock at the bottom of the notebook.

29.04.2005, 09:59
yes, it clicks into place, maybe the "sensor" for detecting a locked selectbay is somehow broken ?

29.04.2005, 10:53
ok, update: if I remove the drive from the selectbay and try to turn on the notebook then the selectbay-led stays off, the on-led comes on, the capslock led flashes 3 times quickly and then nothing happens, cpu-fan doesn't even come on :(

29.04.2005, 15:36
the STRANGEST thing just happened: out of desperation I tossed the lappy onto my sofa quite violently... and now it's working again !!?!

29.04.2005, 15:46


This is the best method to solve this kind of problem that I have ever heard.

There was probably contact problem. Have a lot of fun with your notebook again.