View Full Version : Win XP on Satellite P300-18M: WLan cannot connect properly

05.10.2008, 10:01
So , got XP installed now, running quite a lot better than Vista (P300 18M) with one major annoyance ..

I installed Wifi Intel 5100 drivers and they indeed work, but with a hickup.
Starting the laptop, it can take up to 10 mins after that before the WiFi connection actually finds and connects to my wifi box.

If I manually search before that, it simply says no networks found, while in fact (using an other notebaook as well as the iPhone, around 7 networks are permanently visible ...

So it eventually find the proper network and logs on, but it takes forever.
Any ideas what may be the problem here ?


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07.10.2008, 20:10
did anyone test this XP driver on this notebook ? I think the driver is buggy to say the least. Vista is quick to find the network, the XP install just doesnot.

Could someone from Tosh please respond ? Why does T offer the XP driver although it does not work ??

07.10.2008, 20:22
Reading you postings I am asking myself why you do not write which WXP you have installed. As far as I know many people here have reported about different issues with WXP SP3.
Do you use WXP SP3 too?

By the way: this is user-to-user forum. No Toshiba response :)

08.10.2008, 22:03
:) did not know users resonses only, but hey, they can be better than company response

I did have SP3 I think, what sort of issues do you know of ? Should I try to get my hands on SP 2 ?

15.10.2008, 22:54
Have you updated your BIOS?
If so, then you wil have trouble with Wlan.
You have to restore your backup Bios Version V1.60.
With this BIOS Wlan is working perfect with Windows XP and Vista.
The Wlan driver is working correct with this BIOS V1.60

23.12.2008, 20:19
BIOS-downloads over here:

26.01.2009, 12:04

the latest BIOS 2.5 did the trick on the Wifi. But I can not believe it took Toshiba so long so sort that out for XP. Anyway, new issue now, sound quality 221 of the same laptop, under XP. WIll make a new topic.

One down, new one risen :)