View Full Version : My Tecra 8200 is stopping/freezing sometimes

27.04.2005, 11:10
Hi @all!

My notebook Tecra 8200 works with Windows XP.
Problem is, that it freezes, meaning it doesnt react to the keyboard and the mouse is stuck for a minute or 2. I tried to remove any powercontrols and installed "Speedfan" to cool down the components, but nothing has helped. The tech Support told me to change a setting in bios. To let the OS configure the components and then reinstall the OS. It didnt help.

I would be gratefull for any suggestions.

Thx in advance,


Mannerhagen Tom
27.04.2005, 12:06
Hi Michael

you say the KBD and mouse is stuck for a minute or 2. Does it mean they continue to work normally after that? Or do you have to shut down and back on to get it working again?

You can also try to reload the OS with the restore tool! You will find it at accesssories!