View Full Version : Cannot copy my Xbox360 games - How to check which CD/DVD drive i have

03.10.2008, 22:28

just bought my laptop recently and im trying to copy my original xbox360 games. Have everything sorted regarding programs etc.. only one problem..
The driver or firmware of this pc needs updating (or so i found on the net). It says "Failed to set L0 data zone capacity".. and Invalid Field in CDB. Anyone has had this problem?

What do i need to do? how do i check if i have the latest firmware.



04.10.2008, 11:25

You can find the CD/DVD drives details very easily.
Go to My Computer -> right click on CD/DVD drive -> Properties -> Hardware

There you will find the info about your installed CD/DVD drive.

If you need the firmware details check
Device manager -> right click on CD/DVD drive -> Properties -> Driver tab

There you can find a info like for example these (this might be different on your notebook )
IDE\CDROMMAT****A_DVD-RAM_UJ-852S__ *1.80*

1.80 is the firmware version!

07.10.2008, 15:46

Thanks for your reply.. it was quite helpful.. now that that prob is sorted.. do you know a good site where i can update my firmware.. (mine is 1.40).
my laptop is satellite series A300D.

Thanks gipsyman

07.10.2008, 16:20

You can use only the Toshiba European driver page for firmware update.
If there is no compatible firmware update then itís not available and possibly not necessary for your CD/DVD drive.