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03.10.2008, 11:02

Not sure if this is correct place but I bought a Toshiba Satellite X200-219 back in April and am in general very pleased with it.

There is however a recurring issue with the onboard chicory webcam.
I can’t seem to readjust the settings to get the green image from the webcam normal.
It did start off life clear then went after a few weeks and i lived with it until I did a fresh install which cured it.
But now again the issue is back

Looking in the events it appears the desktop windows management declines to be disabled by the webcam to allow it to adjust its own settings!!!
I’ve tried a few things and have reached the end of my tether and really don’t want to have to keep doing a format.

And no it’s not anything to do with being locked with any program and it is green on itself yahoo and msn but not msns direct test image.

Please help

07.10.2008, 15:58

As far as I know the webcams own software supports some settings which can help to assign the color and other settings like gama, contrast, saturation, hue etc…
You should check this and play little bit with these settings.

Start the webcam software, choose Properties -> Image tab


07.10.2008, 16:18
thanks for the reply
thats not the issue
as i already stated the desktop windows management is showing in the events as not allowing itself to be disabled by the webcam when i try to change the property settings
thanks anyways

07.10.2008, 16:29
Hi Pete

I think you should contact nearest authorized service provider and explain the situation. If there is some “known” issue they should have solution to this.

If you will have some useful info please share it with us.
Good luck!