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02.10.2008, 12:49
Good Day!

Note: Satellite x200-23G PSPBUE-020011

I saw in threads that if there is no any mark about RAID in BIOS and Instruction - the RAID is not present.
But before buying i checked that:
HDD: 500 Gb (5400 rpm), SATA, RAID

Does it means that RAID is present on board, or it means "may be present"

Thank you

02.10.2008, 13:06
May I ask you something: what you understand under RAID and which functionality you expect with it?

02.10.2008, 14:12

I see you are a little bit confused.
Fact is that the X200-23G supports 2 HDDs (2x 250GB) but this does not mean that RAID functionality is also available.
The point is that a notebook can be equipped with 2 HDDs but it doesnít need to support the RAID feature.

Simply said; the RAID is not available on X200-23G ;)

02.10.2008, 14:34
Thank u for clear answer...

Does the company have model with 2 or 3 HDD with RAID support (0, 1 or 5)?

02.10.2008, 15:12
>Does the company have model with 2 or 3 HDD with RAID support (0, 1 or 5)?
As far as I know no.

02.10.2008, 15:13
You mean Toshiba??
You can find Toshiba notebooks with 2 HDDs and RAID like Qosmio G20 but I donít know any notebooks with 3 HDDs :D LOL!!!

02.10.2008, 15:36
Thank you,

2 HDD w/RAID is enough!