View Full Version : Satellite Pro L40 Keyboard + Touchpad inop after reboot

02.10.2008, 01:44
Hey peeps, how are we all?

I have a funny problem here. the touchpad and keyboard do not work in windows or the BIOS, if I reboot the computer the same happens whether its just on battery or through the mains.

If I take the battery out then replace it and reboot the keyboard and mouse will work absolutely fine until I reboot it next (unless i remove the battery again).

Is there something that gets reset that would stop the touchpad and keyboard working?

Thanks alot,


06.10.2008, 18:10
That’s a strange issue.
Did you try to update the BIOS? Check if you use the latest version and update it if a newer version is available.

Generally it’s not easy to say what could cause this issue…
To be honest I never heard about a similar issue…

So check if an BIOS update will help to sort this out… if not I would recommend contacting the ASP in your country for a solution!