View Full Version : Satellite U400-10M: can't connect to HD TV with 1366(1360)x768 resolution

30.09.2008, 19:36

I have a U400-10M (Intel x3100, Vista), LCD TV Sharp 37GD8 (1366x768) and Supra HDMI cable (HF100).
Trying to connect them. But where not needed resolution in 'graphic properties', only 1280x..., 1600x... and 1920x....

Trying to use PowerStrip, but it can't add 1366x768 to resolution list.

Does anyone know how to make U400 work with 1366(1360)x768 resolution via HDMI?

01.10.2008, 20:56

I think this is not possible because it looks like the graphic card does not support these resolutions.

Check you user manual what external resolution are supported!!!


23.04.2009, 12:57
Hi I had same problem with U300.

I learned from multiple forums that Toshiba *intentionally* removed widescreen resolution from the BIOS table of allowed resolutions!
But for some tecra models thys finally issued a fresh BIOS version that fixes this problem and "unleashes" the video chip

The chipset definitely supports all resolutions ever known to the mankind.

This is strange that Powerstrip didn't work in your case, I fixed this problem using this program. Please try to play with different options as PowerStrip is a bit tricky program.