View Full Version : Satellite x200: Hot key functions unavailable in Win Xp

28.09.2008, 20:59

I have a Satellite x200 and i installed Win Xp;
I downloaded from the support page the hotkey utility version but most of the Fn+F1 .... F12 are not available and are not handled by the hotkey utility.

In short i can not dim the brightness of the screen or use any other previous function key combination available in the HotKey utility for Vista.


04.10.2008, 13:03
The Hotkey Utility is necessary for the original programs from Toshiba to run properly. With this program the corresponding message will show when the computer is set to standby mode by Fn + F3 or hibernation mode by Fn +F4. But it does not control the FN+F6 or F7 buttons

The other FN buttons are controlled by Common Modules but this tool is not available for X200.
In your case I would recommend assigning the different power modes in Toshiba Power Saver and then to switch between the modes to get different display brightness!

29.01.2009, 00:30
There is application called "BrightnessController". It sits at the tray and controls laptop's screen backlight. Works nicely with x205. Two thumbs up for the author