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27.09.2008, 17:38
Hi to all

I have Satellite U400-12P, battery is 3700mha, but on Toshiba web site is standard 4400mha, so is it true that on web site is mistake?

second problem, when i am working on battery (vista home premium x86) the cpu is always working on 2000MHz, and i have only 2h of my battery. Can i "take control" of my CPU speed?


27.09.2008, 17:51

I have checked info about Satellite U400-12P ( http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/product/Satellite-U400-12P/1055291/) and I cannot see the info about batter there but the fact is that Satellite U400 is delivered with 6cells battery with 3700mAh capacity. The part number is PA3634U-1BAS/BRS.

As upgrade option Toshiba also offer 6cells battery with 4800mAh capacity. The part number of this battery is PA3635U-1BAM/BRM.

So for all power options check advanced power options - Start – Control Panel – System & Maintenance – Power Options > „Select a Power Plan“ – Change plan settings – Change advanced power settings – Processor power management.

27.09.2008, 18:51
Thanks for battery info