View Full Version : Satellite L350-14 F lost wireless networkconnection within an hour

25.09.2008, 18:17

A view days ago I bought the L350-14F and made a wireless connection to my network.
During the windowsupdate the wireless connection get lost and by searching available networks no wireless networks were detected.
After resetting the laptop got connected to my network but lost the connection within half an hour.
Changing te channel doesn't work. I don't think that the problem is within the router because our other wireless PC's are working good.

Can someone help me?



26.09.2008, 15:33

Did you try to update the Wlan driver?
If not, check if an update will improve the WLan functionality.

Furthermore check if an BIOS is up to date.
I have noticed that Toshiba releases the BIOS updates which could solve such WLan issues.

Check this out!

26.09.2008, 21:41
Hello Gipsyman,

Thanks for your reaction. The driver is up to date I'll try the bios update.

regards Henny