View Full Version : Satellite Pro L300 - using partition magic

23.09.2008, 23:27

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L300 laptop and I would like to make an additional partition beside the already existing C: and the hidden partition. I have created the recovery discs and I want to use partition magic for the partitioning process (no new installation of windows xp). Can anyone tell me if using partition magic will have unwanted effect on possible recovery from the created disks?

Thank you in advance

26.09.2008, 14:43
Usually you can do this with Windows option in disc management but can you please tell me something at first?

Do you use Vista or WXP? I ask this because if you use preinstalled Vista the HDD must already have two partitions. Please check it out in Windows explorer.

Is hidden partition described as EISA (WinRE) partition?