View Full Version : How to get HDMI external & on internal speaker on Satellite X200

23.09.2008, 08:25
Is it possible to use HDMI as primary /default output and to clone the sound to be heard in build-in speakers?

What I am after is that as for now everytime I connect my Satellite X200 to external amplifier using HDMI connection I have to swich the default output and restart

The player app. It is not a comfortable solution.


26.09.2008, 14:32

I donít use HDMI connection so often but when connected and when the HDMI playback device is enabled, click with right mouse button and try to set it as default.

I hope it will work.

05.10.2008, 08:40
And this is exactly what I am doing. But I prefer not to do it ;)

So what the audio cloning is for?

05.10.2008, 10:34
Iím not quite sure if this is possible at all.
In my opinion; itís not possible