View Full Version : Satellite Pro L300-128 and Battery Life

22.09.2008, 22:05

I have checked the spec of this notebook but cant find the average running time on a full battery.
Although this would depend on usage, but, what about general use? Say, surfing the web, emailing or word processing?

Does anyone know this information? Or suggest what it might be?

If so, pls reply. Many thanks!


24.09.2008, 10:40
I've got one, and I'd say that on "full power" (i.e. constant use, web surfing for example) you're looking at an hour and a half. You can improve this by using the Toshiba Power Manager function to shut down the CPU, hard disk and screen during periods of inactivity, but if you're constantly using it then 90min is about your lot.

Looking on the net, this seems par for the course - although this is with the standard 7-cell (I think!) battery; I believe you can buy a high-capacity 9-cell version.

Hope this helps.

24.09.2008, 11:10

I think you could run the notebook on battery power more as one hour.

But as you already said, the battery working time depends on the notebook usage. So the battery performance can change always and can be different.

If you want you can extend the battery performance changing the settings in power options.
A stronger battery could also helps to run the notebook longer on battery power.

If you want you can check the Toshiba European website -> Options & Accessories for a stronger battery