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21.09.2008, 20:04
Just got a U300. Nice machine, but impossible to use in a quiet room:

1) CPU fan goes on and off all the time; it is calibrated to vary with CPU temperature in a really annoying way: nothing up to 51 degrees, then half speed up to 53 or so, then full blast. As a result, on high performance mode, the fan keeps going on and off every few seconds if you are doing normal work. So far, the only solution I have found is to create a power scheme that sets max processor state to 8% and minimum state to 0%, so that the CPU always gets throttled as temperature rises and never really gets hot. That is of course not satisfactory.

2) The harddrive makes constant clicking noises (not search noise). I have had this before with another laptop, and it is due to head parking (drive parks the head immediately if it becomes idle, to save power). With the other laptop, it was possible to change a parameter in the harddrive bios, switching off that particular power saving feature. I have not been able to do this with the U300.

Does anyone have a solution, or does anyone know how to contact toshiba engineers? Problem 1 is easily fixed with a bios upgrade fixing the fan behaviour, problem 2 with a harddrive bios upgrade, so it shouldn't take them much effort I guess.

Many thanks in advance for any help / comments etc!

25.09.2008, 16:58
Hello Skymaster

Satellite U300 is known to me because we have this notebook in our office. It is really nice notebook and can be taken everywhere. What to say about both issues described in your posting?

Cooling fan is maybe often ON but, in my opinion, it is acceptable. Maybe I see this a little bit different because we use it in our office and there is not so quiet. Anyway, I use two Toshiba notebooks at the moment. One with WXP and one with Vista. I have managed both of them to work pretty quiet using lowest level for cooling method and using balanced power scheme in Vista and reducing CPU usage. On both notebooks I didn‚??t notice bad performance and I cannot understand why this option is not good for you. Of course I do not know what you do with your notebook but I use it for Office application and I am satisfied with it.

About HDD I cannot write much because we didn‚??t notice some serious problem. I do not think BIOS update can change anything.

I do not understand why you want to contact engineers. What they can say is just to thank you for your report. I do not see any sense with it. What you should do is to contact nearest authorized service provider. Talk with them, explain the situation. They have Toshiba‚??s diagnostic tools and let them check HDD or even mainboard.

Good luck!

25.10.2008, 21:21
Thanks for your reply Terentino. I agree there is no problem for office use, because usually the background noise will be sufficient to cancel out the harddrive noise. in quite study rooms it's a totally different matter.
throttling the cpu to make the fan silent is kinda pointless if you need cpu power for scientific work. hence my desire to get the fan to come on smoothly, stay on for a while, rather than constantly going off and on.
it seems like it's going to be tough to fix this.

i don't want to go to a service centre. those people usually don't care, and of course there isn't anything wrong with this machine, _it's just a small design problem, not a defect._