View Full Version : Why FN buttons don't work under Ubuntu 7.10

17.09.2008, 02:07
Caind of Offtopic.
Why FN and other's special buttons (same as remote controls) working on other manufacture notebook under Ubuntu 7.10 ideally, and not working on Toshiba at all?

18.09.2008, 16:45
Maybe because Toshiba does not provide the drivers for Linux OS
Fact is that you need special drivers and tools which would control the FN buttons, but unfortunately, the Linux drivers are not available on the Toshiba European driver page.


25.09.2008, 15:22
At the moment Linux is not supported operating system and software that must be installed for FN keys functionality are designed for WXP/Vista only.

Maybe one day Toshiba will support Linux and offer the tools for Linux too.