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16.09.2008, 15:56

I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite L300 (PSLBCE) which came without any OS and dirvers. I installed WXP PRO SP2 on it and downloaded all drivers from Toshiba site. Everything was installed ok and working except the WLAN card. The WLAN card it's a Realtek RTL8187B but it's not recognized by my laptop: If I check the device manager it does not appear (it only appears 'Network Controller' with yellow mark). Then I went to Realtek website and download new drivers from there and installed again....also with these dirvers the WLAN card still not recognized.

Any idea what coud be the problem? I'm sure I downloaded the correct dirvers from Toshiba website and also from Realtek site...but none of them helped. The chipset drivers were also installed and also the latest BIOS version (my BIOS version is newer that the one on the toshiba website with the drivers for this model)
Can it be a conflict with other dirvers or with WXP PRO SP2?

Thank you

22.09.2008, 08:26
Are you sure the Wifi card is a Realtek?

Maybe try installing SP3, it may contain the correct drivers.

22.09.2008, 10:17
Hi buddy

The Satellite L300-17N does not support the Realtek RTL8187B but Intel 11a/b/g (13ch) - Golan Wlan card.

I would recommend visiting the Toshiba European WLan portal and would recommend downloading and installing the Intel WLan driver from here:

There you could try the Intel PRO/Wireless 3945/4965/5100/5300 driver package!!!

I would appreciate your feedback

03.01.2009, 12:43

I had the same problem trying to resolv it in the same way. Now thanks to JackBlack I have one problem less :)

There is only one thing: the link above is not working but I found correct driver on this page:

Thanks :)