View Full Version : Satellite U300-13H with Vista always works slowly

15.09.2008, 16:28
I have 2 computers at home with the configuration. One of them is Toshiba *U300-13H* works terrible slow. Always!
Configuration: Vista Home Premier, Norton 360.

15.09.2008, 17:51

What do you mean by “U300-13H works terrible slow”?
Does the notebook boot slowly or loads the files slowly?

I don’t know if you known this but Vista OS need more hardware resources as other operating systems.
Second reasons why a performance could be lower are the processes which are running in the OS background!

As you know there are many preinstalled applications on a U300 notebook.
Most of them are necessary to control the notebook features. But of course such software need resources and could slow down the notebook.

I see that you have installed the Norton 360. These Symantec applications contain antivirus software and it slow downs the performance dramatically. I had such software installed on my notebook and I replaced it with a free tool called Antivir.

I clean the OS always using the CCLeaner. It’s really helpful!!!

16.09.2008, 01:40
Remove Norton. Install a better AV such as NOD32.
Install more Memory. Vista needs at least 2GB to run smoothly.

Problem solved :)