View Full Version : Sat 1400 Connection

Andy R
14.09.2008, 22:39

I have been trying to connect to a Voyager 2110 using our sat 1400 with its built in wireless feature.

I can find the connection and it shows connected but when you try to use the connection it states you are working off line?

I am a total dope when it comes to settings, etc so if someone has the time to place a reply in simple terms then it would be great. I have been on 4 hrs with this!

Many thanks,

Regards Andy

15.09.2008, 04:36
Do you see a Gateway?

Go to a Command Prompt (Start->Run->cmd.exe) and type IPCONFIG /ALL

If there is no Gateway, then you need to reconfigure the Router, or manually setup the Wireless connection on the laptop, or turn off the Firewall on the laptop.

Search google for "how to connect wireless LAN" for more information.