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23.04.2005, 13:06
Hi, at first sorry for my english.

I´ve got some problems with original Toshiba PA3069U-M 256 MB RAM moduls for my Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600.

History: (# = number of RAM)

#1 was delivered in the original Toshiba Box and works in Slot A and B without any problems, but got damaged after only 2 (!) weeks --> distributor send me an new one: #4

#2 was delieverd by the same distributor (same tine as #1) but only in the orginal static shield bag. The Notebook shows the RAM is incompatible in Slot A and B --> i send it back

#3 was delivered by another distributor few days after #1 got damaged also in the original Toshiba Box. It still works fine in both slots.

#4 was delivered yesterday but only in the original static shield bag. The Notebook shows RAM is incompatible in both slots.

The RAM in Box and the RAM only in static shield bag are both original Toshiba RAM from the same manufacture and seems to be absolutely the same. But still only the ones in Box works the other ones are incompatible even after a BIOS update.

Has anyone had the sampe problem or can help me?

THX Braumeister

24.04.2005, 14:58

it sounds very strange! The PA3069U-M 256MB Ram Modules should fit and work! So it can only be that the not working modules were damaged by sending it through the post because the right packed modules in the Toshiba Box are working!


26.04.2005, 08:02
Hi Braumeister

I don’t know where you have ordered this Ram module but if you have problem please contact “Authorized Service Partner” and I am sure that there should not be any problem. They can also check your unit if there is some hardware defect or something else that can be responsible for this behavior of your notebook.