View Full Version : Strange sound onTecra when using wireless

22.04.2005, 20:58
Dear sir,
on my tecra M745 when connecting to the internet wireless (i use on the other floor a router) and connection is excellent 54 Mb/s, sometimes a strange sound comes from the notebook, not allways : is there interference with other things (like dect' phones, cd-disks, ...) ? I don't know, perhaps should ask the shop where i bouhgt it ?

25.04.2005, 10:09

It is very difficult to give a precise answer to your question. If there is strange sound that comes “sometimes” it is also possible that it can be activity of HDD or something like that.

Can you hear this strange sound on speakers or somewhere else?

25.05.2005, 23:09
Hi there,
for whom it may be of any interest : i solved the problem probably : so the strange high-pitched sound came while using wireless surfing the internet so by using the wireles card : so i checked the properties of the connection : in advanced mode the Internet Connection Sharing was in use : when i read more about it, this function may not be used while using a gateway or dhcp-server and so on
Indeed, i use a router and dhcp-server
after disabling ICS the sound was gone
R Weekx