View Full Version : Portege 3480ct - corrupt Windows XP installation

05.09.2008, 23:26

I have an old 3480ct which has a corrupt installation of XP. I have no original cd drive or floppy drive.
I have a generic teec PCMCIA cd drive but can't boot from it to repair or reinstall.

Does anyone know if there is a hidden partition that i can access to reinstall 2000? So i can upgrade.
At the moment it I cant get in at all.
It will boot from LAN but no where else.

Any help much appreciated.
My own lapy is an Equium.

thanks in advance.

08.09.2008, 14:44
No, there is no hidden partition on this old notebook series!!!

In your case I donít see any other possibility as to install the Windows OS booting from LAN or buying and compatible CD/DVD drive for booting from the OS CD.

But the LAN installation is not easy. Itís tricky becasue4 you would need an RIS server!!!

08.09.2008, 16:35
to install W2000 from a normal W2k-installation-CD you need a generic fdd-drive

Than you also need the DOS-drivers for your PCMCIA-CD-drive ( you can use generic teac-dos-drivers ) and start up in a DOS environment with the proper drivers ( and adjustments to the autoexec.bat and config.sys files ) on the bootdisk.
then go to the i386-directory on the installation-CD and execute winnt.exe

it will be mandatory to format the HD initially to fat32 to create the DOS-environment
During the installation then use the "convert to NTFS" possibility

you can find more information here ( basically the same problem ) :