View Full Version : Satellite Pro A200 wireless issue disconnects sometimes

05.09.2008, 10:44

I have a Satellite Pro A200 with a wireless issue.
I use wireless at home. Every now and then whilst surfing it will not find the page. I try to connect via my VPN connection i have for the office.
If you press cancel it will sometimes carry on surfing fine but sometimes will not find the page.

I have turned the wireless off and used hard connection and no problems.
Would it be advisable to re-install the drivers for the wireless?
I think i removed the toshiba wirelss software thing (forget what its called) when i first got it.
So maybe this is the issue.

Any help would be apreciated.


05.09.2008, 10:51
Of course it would be advisable to update the WLan driver… in most cases it’s the WLan compatibility issue between WLan card and the router…

I recommend updating the WLan driver and additionally you could update the BIOS if a new version was released for you notebook model…

Best regards & Good luck