View Full Version : Satellite U300-130 shutdown if battery is removed after startup

04.09.2008, 14:49

if I start my PC with battery power only, and then later on remove it, even if I connect the laptop do AC power,
the PC will go down as if no power source was available.

The same happens if I hibernate with only battery power, connect to AC remove the battery and start up,
the PC will run for a while (while the blue/red battery light remains on as if it was charging), and then dies.

Seems like some BIOS problem, as anyone seen something similar?

The laptop is a Satellite U300-130.


04.09.2008, 15:22
HmmmÖ. This issue is new to me and itís really strange.

But first of all I would like to say that itís not recommended and not advisable to remove the battery while notebook is running and connected to AC adaptor.
If you want to remove the battery, then shut down the notebook firstly, disconnect the AC adaptor, remove the battery, connect the AC adaptor and boot up the notebook.

However, please the Toshiba European driver page and if new BIOS is available try to update it!!!

Greets mate