View Full Version : T8100 keyboard, some keys failed or cause menus to open

henry crigler
21.04.2005, 06:53
Due to virus,worm,or something bad, I did a full reformat and load of XPpro. Seemed to work fine but I found that the letter "L" did not work. Loaded drivers from an eBay CD but still no "L". Reform and reload OS and now the letter "U" doesn't work. Lucky the install code didn't have an "L" or "U" in it. Keying the "u" opens an accessibility menu.

Haven't tried but am sure and external kybd will work since that's a OS function (isn't it?) Did manage to get network card installed during one effort but at present I have no download capability direct to this machine. Can download and burn on desktop.
Any ideas.

23.04.2005, 20:41

In my opinion you should first try to pinpoint what the problem can be and if there is some malfunction of the keyboard. It will be very interesting to know if there is the same problem with external keyboard.

If you reinstall OS using Recovery CD there should not be any problem except for a defective keyboard. Please try with external keyboard if you have one.