View Full Version : Re: No wireless connection on Tecra A9

02.09.2008, 16:02
Have just bought this laptop yesterday. This morning I tried to conncet to the internet using wireless. It would not connet. It kept searching and saying "acquiring network address ".It finds my network no probelm. Iam using XP Pro with service pack three.

I have the switch for wireless on and to the right.
Any info would be gladly recieved.

Thanks in advance.

02.09.2008, 16:23

Sorry but I do not understand your problem. The fact is that WLAN card in your notebook works well if the WLAN is shown. There must be some other problem. Is your WLAN encrypted?

02.09.2008, 17:08
As fare as I know the WLAN is not encrypted. Could it be down to the broadband provider!

03.09.2008, 02:07
What Antivirus have you installed? Have you tried turning off the Firewall?

Updating the firmware of your wireless router and laptop Wifi driver may also help