View Full Version : Equium wireless fails to connect

28.08.2008, 10:13
I have an Equium A100-027 running Vista Home Premium with latest Atheros AR5006EG driver v and BIOS.

Cannot connect to my Wi-Fi router when set up with encryption (WPA or otherwise) although other Vista laptops can. I either get a timeout message when connecting (almost immediately), or occasionally "the key is incorrect" message. Tried hotfix from Microsoft for this known problem: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/935222/en-us, but no longer applicable as I guess this is now included in Windows upgrades, so it would not run.

Note I can connect to other Wi-Fi routers but not my one at home: SMC2804WBRP-G (also with updated BIOS). Any ideas please?

01.09.2008, 20:01
Can you connect to other routers using encryption (WPA or otherwise)?

02.09.2008, 02:37
A couple of things to try:

Update the Firmware of your Wireless Router
Turn off your Firewall in Windows, or reconfigure your "Internet Security" software.