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26.08.2008, 11:42
Hello everyone

I am goign to find the way for having my 8700M GT upgraded on my X200 laptop.
I paid for it over 2000 and I paid for 2 years of warranty.
Few month later I discovered that some new Toshiba are equipped with 9700m GTS !

I know the X200-20G is having a mxm graphic card which is therefore removable to be upgraded (being not a part of the motherboard).

I could not find anywhere in the Toshiba site, where may I request to buy a new graphic card, or if I can send my laptop and request an upgrade price.
I assume that someone who paid such an amount of money for Toshiba may be listened to, or get a special offer for swapping his model to the newest one after not even a year of usage.

I really want to upgrade this video card, and I really don't know where to find hints or information regarding this, elsewhere than on Toshiba side.

Thanks to everyone or admin, to let me know how should I do, or process.


26.08.2008, 14:24

Reading Toshiba knowledge base I founded this article http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/FAQ7A01ZW0007R01.htm

It can be interesting for you.

27.10.2008, 15:00

Did you have any success changing the video card?
I'm thinking on doing the same.

Andre Antunes

Green Orchid
27.10.2008, 16:24
I think about the same, but can you tell me, where to buy 9800M GT ? please give me the links...

27.10.2008, 16:53
Guys forget it!
The Toshiba motherboards don’t support the mxm interface and all the GPUs are soldered on the board!!!

The graphic card upgrade is definitely NOT possible!!!

Green Orchid
27.10.2008, 17:12
what abou this ?


27.10.2008, 19:21
>what about this? http://www.mxm-upgrade.com/notMXM.html
Sorry but this website doesn’t says clearly that an GPU upgrade is possible…
Everything what this page do is t provide some suggestions and assumptions.

Mikes posting provide a clear answer:
The Toshiba doc says:
+GPU: In all cases the GPU is soldered on the system board and cannot be exchanged.+