View Full Version : Re: Wifi works fine on AC/DC power. And very slow on battery power

25.08.2008, 08:18
Dear friends!

When I use my laptop from AC/DC adapter, wifi works perfect. Fast and without any problems.
But after I use it on battery power, wifi works very slow. I wait about a minute or two to open any site.
Yes, it works, but very very slow. When I connect adapter again, immediately no any problems!
The same site opens in few seconds!
What do you think about this problem?

Thanks a lot

25.08.2008, 08:22
That is strange. Maybe its a Power Management issue?

Try updating the Wifi drivers in Windows, and update the BIOS as well.

05.09.2008, 08:14
Thanks for your answer, but I have latest driver and BIOS.
May be I have to setup my wireless router?
But with AC power it works perfect.
I do not know...

05.09.2008, 09:23
I could solve the similar issue on my notebook changing the settings in WLan card properties.

Go to _device manager -> Wlan card -> Properties -> Advanced tab_

There I have set the “Power Save mode” to OFF (disable).

This option controls the power resources if the notebook is running on battery power…
So disable this and check if you could notice some improvements.