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21.08.2008, 13:02
Problem: my Satellite Pro L300 does not boot from optical drive (DVD)

Problem recreation scenario:

Insert Toshiba recovery DVD into optical disk drive,
Reboot and during boot prompt press F12 and select Optical drive.
Screen goes black and cursor is blinking in left upper corner.. after fiew seconds L300 begins to beep loudly. No messages on screen.

BIOS reports version 1.50 while latest BIOS upgrade on web is 1.40...

Model no: PSLB1E-02200GG3
Serial no. 78685377Q

I do this because I want to change OS from Vista to XP.

21.08.2008, 13:57

Wait a moment. You want to say that you use original Toshiba WXP recovery CD/DVD for Satellite Pro L300 or what?

Have you tested it with any other bootable CD (Linux)?

21.08.2008, 14:21
Sometimes strange behavior have simple reason:
In my case this was defective space key on keyboard.... it generated key clicks on smallest vibrations of L300 - especially when optical drive (DVD) was working.

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21.08.2008, 15:09
Hi again

Maybe stupid question but how should I understand your last posting? Is problem solved or what?

21.08.2008, 15:11
Yes - problem resolved