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20.08.2008, 18:31
12:17 PM 8/20/2008

Hi folks,

I inherited a rather old Toshiba T4600C notebook with a severely crashed installation of Win98SE. When I tried booting a Live CD of PCLinuxOS 2007, it loops from GRUB menu back to restart (Toshiba logo splash screen), as of course, this has a 486SL-33MHz processor (I believe).

Being a Lx newbie, with 27yrs M$ PC technician, is there a Lx distribution which would:
- install to this notebook (preferrably w/o tweaking & compiling - I don't yet know how to do)
- integrate (share files, maybe apps) with PCLinuxOS 2007 running on my desktop and Acer notebook

The Toshiba has a USB port (I'm SURE it's only 1.0/1.1) which I would like to use for a D-Link DWL-G120 54Mb WiFi adapter to connect my LAN. It also has a PCMCIA slot (specs unknown) which I might also be able to use a Linksys/Network Everywhere Ethernet adapter if the WiFi isn't an option.

I GREATLY appreciate any info anyone could provide. I hate to see stuff like this going into the landfill, but need to do something useful with it if it's going to take up space in my very small apartment.

Also - if someone could point me toward a short & direct tutorial on Lx tweaking/compiling, I would really like to get started learning about that since nearly everything requires some of that at some point. I'm pretty bright, learn quickly on my own, and need the (Windows-background) 'technician-level' guide (not Lx for dummies) to get myself started.

Thanks so much, in advance!

22.08.2008, 16:07
I would try ubuntu or some debian because they should work. Otherwise I would highly recommend to use gentoo because itīs hard to configure but it runs well configured on almost ALL systems, even on 386 with 32 MB RAM.

Donīt expect too much, maybe it would be also useful to search for some older suse or red hat distribution with an really old kernel (2.2 or 2.0 ... something around that kernel version)


and good luck :)