View Full Version : No battery detected on Satellite U400??

17.08.2008, 14:59
Ive just bought a new Satellite U400 and ive charged it for hours on end and when i take out the power lead it switches off and only turns on when plugged in to the charger., and says on the tool bar at the bottom the battery is not detected.not sure what to do ????

18.08.2008, 02:04
Bring the laptop to an authorized service center for repair. It sounds like the battery or mainboard may have a problem.

18.08.2008, 06:04
I have same problem (4 new laptop), No battery detected on Satellite U400!!!
this series problem??? Or what?

22.08.2008, 18:11
Upgrading your BIOS should help (well, it fixed the same problem in my case), though [some say|http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=34963&tstart=15] that battery life is very short after that. I'm currently testing it. ;)